Reasons To Hire Sloan

With her media friendly approach she not only stirs the hearts and minds of your audience but journalists too. Sloan is enthusiastic, flexible, fast delivering a tailored and bespoke service to your audience while bringing the Sloan Factor every time.

Audiences Love Sloan

Sloan has been described as phenomenal, exceptional, impressive and mesmerising. She is no stranger to standing ovations and delivers an impactful service.

Infotainment At Its Best

Sloan inspires with informative and riveting stories, taking the audience on a journey of imagination and possibility of what they can achieve while injecting them with the passion to achieve it.

Friendly & Flexible

Sloan is happy to stay behind with fans, answer questions, fireside chats, live Q & A's and much more to make sure your audience gets the best out of their experience.

Clear Take Home Messages

Sloan cuts through the fluff and brings home the key messages of your campaign or the necessary messages to produce the transformation the audience deserves.

Female Speaker & Expert

No stranger to male environments having studied medicine and qualified into law, Sloan brings a feminine energy to a male-dominated profession

Media Friendly & Fast

Sloan has been featured in over 200 different media outlets, translated into dozens of languages & discussed everywhere from Channel 5 in the UK to Fox News in the USA. Turnaround times as short as same day

Bespoke Service

Content tailored to your audience without compromising on quality. Sloan keeps the standards high and the inspiration higher.

Social Media Influencer

Sloan has over 425,000 social media fans and engages with her audience sharing key messages and concepts in a fun manner

She Puts The Audience First

Sloan knows the audience comes first, she is here to serve and inspire. There are no egos on stage just pure infotainment.

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