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Sloan is a media-friendly multidisciplined expert specialising in empowerment who has been featured over 200 times in the UK & international media.


Sloan Sheridan-Williams is the author of ``Slap Fear In The Face`` - a unique book offering an easy step-by-step approach to finding and using courage.


An experienced broadcaster and trained TV presenter, Sloan has hosted her own national radio show - Colourful Life with Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Sloan is a mental health advocate donating her time to Mental Wealth Unlocked - an online coaching system to provide support to those who need help.

Sloan Doesn't Accept Average & Neither Should You

Media friendly. Uniquely talented. Respected expert.

Who is Sloan Sheridan-Williams?

Sloan is a uniquely talented celebrity life coach, international speaker, broadcaster and media personality who has worked with rock stars, royalty & reality TV stars to politicians, professional athletes and people who only accept the extraordinary out of life. In addition to working with brands from start-ups to global leaders like Unilever and BMW, Sloan has been featured more than 200 times in the UK & international media and has presented her own show on London radio.

Hi, I’m Sloan Sheridan-Williams.

At only eight years old I had a near death experience; my body was failing from the trauma, mental abuse, sleep deprivation and the constant state of fear I lived in. After that experience everything changed for me. I’d been playing it safe to survive, but I had become so small, so insignificant and tiny, so invisible that I nearly died. I got better and actively chose a different path. I accepted there is always a price to pay in life, but you can choose your own currency. I wasn’t going to pay with my health, and I wasn’t going to pay with fear. My goal was to get out, not by running away, but by rising up. I wasn’t going to fight, I was going to stand my ground and soar like a superhero. I was only a child, but I knew that inner superheroes existed and the price of admission to their club was courage. A price I was excited to pay.

The Key To Your Dreams Is Courage.

If you settle for less, someone else will take more.

I became a learning machine. I worked on my skills, fed my hunger for knowledge, and began to understand human behaviour.  I flipped my courage switch to ‘on’, and fought back like a tiger.  We all encounter bullies or meet people who laugh when we fail. Any one of us can face rejection, loneliness, disappointment and frustration.  Or have an inner voice that tells us we can’t get that man or woman, that our business won’t succeed, a thought that says we don’t have the discipline to be fit and healthy. We freeze. We give up before we even start. We accept less than. We tell ourselves our time will come, but time waits for no one. Our time is now, and if we don’t take action it won’t be long before we realise our wants are no longer available to us.

The time has now arrived for you to have the courage to say ‘no’ to anything that makes you feel smaller in life.

I’ve been small and it’s painful. I don’t want that for anyone else. Everyone deserves their dreams in life to come true. It takes courage to be a leader, to make money, to have a family, to be healthy. If we keep small, we remain unfulfilled and our light will fade. This is not O.K. We need to start getting courageous today with a ‘right now’ plan of courage. No more putting it off until tomorrow. We need to be accountable for our own courage and create the life we love. We need to demand the extraordinary for ourselves. We need to say ‘no’ to average, ‘no’ to bullies, ‘no’ to fear, ‘no’ to holding back – and we need to say ‘no’ right now!

I've been held back by fear

But I reframe fear now

Fear Isn't To Be Ignored, It Needs To Be Understood

My parents raised a soldier, one who understands strategic fearlessness is a learned trait that if imparted as positive knowledge can help so many breakthrough what once seemed impossible.

Humans are built to grow and shine.

When we're compressed we break down or break free, but it's a choice. If you don't SLAP Fear In The Face, you will be left to watch someone else living the life you wanted, and regret is more painful than fear.

I created 4 simple steps, and apply them each and every time fear raises it's head

Like any building, fear requires four walls to balance the roof it puts above your head. Fear cleverly makes that roof of transparent glass so you think you’re free, you think you can achieve. In reality, fear is holding you back from achieving your dreams, while at the same time taunting you by giving you just a glimpse of them. The great news is that you don’t have to remove every single wall for the fear hack to work. You just have to remove one, and the fear and its related glass roof will just slip away, allowing you to achieve your dreams.


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I found fear fascinating from childhood, and am delighted that my interest in it has saved countless dreams from being forgotten.

Internationally recognised writer and speaker, Sloan Sheridan-Williams has helped thousands of people across the world not only ``Slap Fear In The Face`` but take their life to the next level be that changing professions, dealing with grief, starting a relationship, ending a relationship, making fast powerful decisions, speaking up, fighting cancer, getting pregnant and much more. She has a profound message on how to use the art of courage to get what you want in life. Whether that means success in your business, your relationships, or freedom to work anywhere in the world, choose your clients, love your job and live your passion. Courage is one of the most powerful tools you can use to acquire your goals. All successful leaders not only have courage, they use that courage to actively deliver the results they demand for themselves, their community and their lives.


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