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What Happen’s At A Sloan Seminar?

The seminars are larger than masterclasses and are more affordable than one-to-one coaching but do not guarantee you time with Sloan. In a seminar, if you raise your hand to ask a  question, Sloan does her best to answer as many people as she can, she also makes time for people after her talk however it is prudent to note in a masterclass you will get more time with Sloan to ask direct questions about your journey than in a seminar.  Seminars can be as intimate as 50 people and as large as 1000 people. Each seminar will be on different topics and last between 1hr and 3 days. There is a seminar to suit everyone and it is a great way to acquire the foundations of what Sloan teaches if you have not been through her online training, attended her webinars, been involved in her live Q and A’s or coached with her previously. Seminars are advertised through social media but you are more than welcome to join the mailing list below to be notified of seminars we think will suit your needs. Do leave your details below as we have a special gift for those who do!

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