Corporate Wellness

Wellbeing is a key business imperative

Research suggests that workplace stress affects 94% of employees impacting on health, productivity & home life. If you are looking for someone to take your company to the next level in emotional health and well-being you have found her. If you drive is to keep up with the competition who have already increased their wellness corporate budgets - you are also in the right place. Here is what Sloan can do for you...

Increase Employee Engagement

Sloan helps companies drive employee engagement as part of a critical performance strategy to improve employees emotional connection, involvement and commitment to their organisation.

Increase Productivity

Sloan helps employers create a thriving, productive & engaged workplace culture to get the best talent and improve organisational energy. Happy employees create happy customers who create a happy business.

Increase Employee Retention

In today's candidates' market, can you afford not to ignore new social expectations and lose talent? Sloan helps organisations create a robust suite of wellbeing programs as a key employee benefit and incentive for talent acquisition.

Corporate Wellness Is No Longer A Luxury But A Necessity.

If you increase just one of these areas you will increase profits and your bottom line business results. It is not just about avoiding absences it is about getting the best performance out of your employees while giving them the best environment and training ground to perform well in.

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I'm passionate about corporate wellness - are you?

With so much scaremongering in the press about the economic climate, workplaces are key to providing individuals with not only a place to feel safe but also a place to shine and help bring the businesses that choose to flourish here, to being World Class establishments that set the bar not neglect to keep up with the high standards that others such as Google, Lendlease and others have so eloquently set.
Sloan Sheridan-Williams - Celebrity Life Coach & Wellness Consultant

Who Is Corporate Wellness For?

Sloan mainly works with leading high-performance companies on corporate wellness solutions to attract & retain the best talent, however is happy to work with start-ups and established companies alike by providing

Employee Wellbeing

Learning and development play a critical role in engaging and retaining your best employees. Whether that training is provided in seminars, workshops, webinars, or private coaching, it is critical to employee wellbeing. Employees expect both personal & professional development and top candidates consider it a deciding factor in choosing between companies. Employers are spending 40% more on welllness programs in 2019 with expanding focus on mental health, financial stressors and emotional well-being in addition to just physical well-being. Sloan is happy to assist in creating a bespoke program to get the best out of your employees while giving them the top training from a leader in her field.

1-2-1 Consultations

With over half of employees stressed about personal matters from health to finances that they would rather not voice in seminars, in house one-to-one coaching has seen dramatic improvements in employ seeking help in a professional and safe environment. Employees rarely take time off to seek coaching due to travel, time and other presures. Having drop in sessions available in house as little as once a month has shown a rise in productivity and overall wellbeing.

Online Coaching

35% of employees miss 3-5 days of work a year due to stress. Investing in corporate wellbeing is essential. For those who wish to provide online one to one coaching and or live webinars (with replays) and anonymous questions. This can also be arranged all members of staff can be involved at a time to suit them. This has been not only the most cost effective solution but also increasingly popular as can be carried out for shorter time frames (between 45-90mins) more regularly providing continuity and consistency.

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What Can Sloan Do For You?

Sloan creates bespoke packages for your companies needs. She knows that one size does not fit all. She is multitalented with over 15 years experience. Sloan provides flexible coaching in the form of seminars, workshops, one to one coaching, online webinars and much more in the following areas.


Well-being is clearly a strategic priority and that needs to start with a top-down approach. Good leaders need to not only know how to lead effectively but to stir up the passion in others to not only look after themselves but look after the company. To provide clarity, consistency and discipline leaders need to all be on the same page and be trained in the skills to allow the employees to wilfully choose to follow their lead. This is achieved most productively when the leaders are able to build self-confidence in their team while providing edutainment and discipline when necessary to bring out the best features in each individual while respecting their difference are what makes up the team.

Negotiation Skills

Negotiation and sales are ket to many team members yet so little have consistent training in the latest methods to get the best out of the negotiation. Negotiation fails are often in the close. Employees simply do not have the words ready at their lips to handle objections or the understanding of the fundamental psychological rules of the art of negotiation. The lack of understanding in this area can lose a customer, a large deal, a small negotiation point that has high impact or business itself. Only 10-20% of the time you are in a transaction is spent in the close, yet it is where 100% of your profits are based.

Financial Wellness

Financial wellness is often hindered by employees freezing when it comes to making changes in the way they are spending, budgeting, investing and/or paying back loans paired with not knowing where to start. Sloan coaches on how to take the first steps towards financial wellness, following through with deliverable and achievable action plans to consolidate debt and increase income or decrease spending highlighting options available to them while being objective as she is not affiliated with any financial service or provider


To be efficient you need to have passion towards your goal, a strong why to get you there and the energy and vitality to maintain your drive. Sloan coaches you how to move away from sick and closer to fit. Efficiency is more than physical fitness and nutrition. Sloan coaches key elements required to run the human body and more importantly the mind efficiently. This involves understanding the basics such as the neuroscience of willpower, the art of positive habit-forming, the ability to excel at decision making and other keys skills that can be developed to help your employees achieve efficiency in all areas of their lives.


Sloan not only coaches on mindfulness and runs mindfulness workshops in-house for you. She can also advise companies on the importance of wellness workspaces in the company from design aspects to the need for consultation rooms, reak out rooms, safe environments, relaxation spaces and more. Mindfullness and wellness is moving from being a luxury for professional workers to an imperative from economic growth. There is a clear correlation between companies who are moving forward with driven and productive employees and the well-being programs that are offered to their staff members.

Stress Management

94% of employees admit to being stressed and over a third of those saying their stress levels are unsustainably high. Stress not only impacts health and productivity but also their home life and wellness which can lead to burnout and high turnover. The most common stress response is procrastination, sitting on a deal, distracting oneself away from the next work project or from making a deadline is detrimental to the overall efficiency of not just the team, but the community and productivity of the team. Sloan's stress management coaching reduces stress levels felt by employees who rate their overall life satisfaction score much higher after implementing her coaching strategies.

Communication Skills

90% of employees rate communication a critical priority. Corporations know that these skills improve employee retention, media coverage, leadership and corporate community spirit. It is a key element of any wellness coaching program to deliver strong communication strategies. Whether you are looking to improve your employees listening skills, open-mindedness, presentation skills, confidence, clarity, pace of speech, charisma of delivery or body language, Sloan has top tips and valuable insight from her experience in personality profiling, facial coding and over 15 years in the industry to make your employees world class in communication and creating rapport with others.

Networking Skills

Social interactions such as relationships with co-workers, clients, press, managers, partners, support staff and C-Suite are key to providing not only wellness and life satisfaction but also to working together to drive the business, no matter what it's size, forward in the coming year. Sloan teaches how to relate to people in different professions, at different levels, with different needs and drives and explains not only how to work together but to use these differences to excel. Relationships at home also affect the work-life balance as does community spirit at work. Coaching works to enhance skills such as empathy, honesty, openness, networking, supportiveness and excitement towards a common goal, the why of the company.

Emotional & Social Intelligence

Emotional intelligence involves identifying emotions (in ourselves and others) and communicating about our feelings in the moment whereas social intelligence uses the same skills, but is future-focused towards understanding the feelings, personalities, and behaviours of yourself and others to seek positive outcomes. Both are key to corporate welllness. Sloan believes that all staff members should have the right to work in a manner that is healthy, motivating and satisfying with their peers aiming to improve not only their wellness but the wellness of others with the use of emotional and social intelligence. There is still a lack of education in this area and Sloan coaches to bridge the gap of what your employees know and are implementing and what they have yet to learn or have yet to implement.

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Hi, I'm Sloan Sheridan-Williams.

Expanding the concept of wellness and employee branding are top recruitment trends for 2019. With a predicted 40% increase in corporate wellness inititatives over the next 12 months, employers have a business critical priority to offer wellbeing programs that attract talent and improve retention.
Sloan Sheridan-Williams - Celebrity Life Coach & Wellness Consultant

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Sloan delivers wellness programs, workshops, 1-2-1 employee consultations, senior management mentoring and more.

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