Talented Media Personality

From media interviews to radio shows and more!

Media Interviews

Sloan Sheridan-Williams is an experienced media-friendly expert who can quickly assimilate your brand's key messages and communicate them with a fresh perspective in an engaging way to journalists and the public.

Brand Spokesperson

Whether you need expert commentary when publishing a new press release or you're looking for an engaging brand spokesperson for your next campaign, Sloan rises to any challenge delivering expert quotes & insightful content.

Radio & TV

Sloan is not only a media-friendly expert & celebrity life coach, but she is also a trained TV presenter and experienced radio host having presented her own radio show and interviewed countless celebrities.

Experienced Radio Presenter

'Colourful Life with Sloan Sheridan-Williams' has interviews with inspiring guests chatting about their life's journey with Sloan

Trained TV Presenter

From chat shows to outside broadcasts, Sloan can do it all!

Sloan On Air

Producers love Sloan... and you will too!

In The Studio

From autocues to political debates, Sloan handles herself confidently and professionally adapting to the needs of directors and producers as well as adding her own flair to the show.

Outside Broadcasts

Sloan can walk the walk and talk the talk when it comes to outside broadcasts with the skills and experience to think on her feet and handle any situation on live TV.


Whether as a guest or interviewing celebrities herself, Sloan has the skills and experience to come across as enthusiastic, engaging and enlightening on both sides of the microphone.

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Hi, I'm Sloan Sheridan-Williams.

I never wanted to be in the public eye and used to avoid the cameras. However having been fortunate enough to be recognised for my work by some of the most respected names in the media, I now embrace my role as a broadcaster and media personality as it allows me to not only interview some really inspirational people but also enables me to share their uplifting stories with my audience and fans.
Sloan Sheridan-Williams - Media Personality & Celebrity Life Coach

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